Progressive Slots

According to the UK statistics, the largest share of online casino gambling industry profits are made by Progressive Slots. The same source deems that the number of Progressive Slots players is constantly increasing over the past years, mostly due to the considerable jackpots offered by this game.

The task of CbtvsPsychoDynamic is to present and review all of the online casino games and provide visitors with plenty of useful and interesting information. It’s time to talk about Progressive Slots, since it has always been a top preference of UK players. Progressive Slots feature jackpots gradually growing during the entire game, by involving all the money played through the machine, which may be part of a network or not (several machines contribute to the jackpot amount or only one). Progressive Slots allow growing a large amount during a single spin or multiple spins up to a certain level (established by the casino) until a very lucky player happens to hit the amazing jackpot. After that, the game is reset and the jackpot value starts to grow again.

Casino Slota

Players commonly identify Progressive Slots with abundant prizes and they are right, because the concept relies on gradual betting to remunerate the luckiest participant.

Here are some important details that CbtvsPsychoDynamic wishes you to know before starting the game. Because of the fact that a part of the revenue is put aside to pile the giant jackpot, the usual payouts in Progressive Slots are smaller. It all depends on the player’s perspective, whether he’s interested in hunting the jackpot or is only looking for small gains. It’s generally the first option. Only a few players would not risk anything and keep playing on a limited budget targeting just a small amount (there are machines that offer lower jackpot machines tailored for quite insignificant but frequent wins). Most players prefer to maximize their potential revenue and bet the maximum number of coins to become eligible for the big jackpot. Moreover, only players placing the maximum bet are likely to receive the payout. They better choose the machines offering the highest accumulated jackpot to increase their chances of winning.

CbtvsPsychoDynamic shortly presents the basic Progressive Slot types promoted by UK online casinos:

Stand alone Progressive Slots are independent slot machines offering a moderate progressive jackpot value. As to the smaller payouts, they are quite attractive.

The principle of Proprietary online Slots is exactly the opposite: all the machines in the casino are collaborating to accumulate the jackpot. The advantage of a consistent progressive jackpot is compensated by smaller payouts.

Free online Slots is another type of slot machine game much favored by UK gamblers as it can be played without paying anything for it. The joy of playing for free is completed by free bonus slots and additional rounds of bingo or poker slots, awarded when hitting certain symbols.
Are you a great fan of huge winnings? Then online Progressive Slots is the casino game that suits you best! You are offered the chance of getting the biggest jackpot you have ever wished for. It could instantly have a great impact on your life and turn you into a millionaire.

Slots is undoubtedly a very popular casino game in UK. CbtvsPsychoDynamic has listed the online casinos featuring the most attractive Progressive Slot machine jackpots.