Choose a Great Casino Game to Play!

When I go into online casinos I look for three particular casino games. I tend to first look to see what casino games are available. Then it depends on the mood of what I want to play that day is the game that I decide on playing. This can depend on whether I want to play mindless casino games or to get a little more aggressive with my casino gaming and put a little brain power into my casino gaming. Also the decision on which game I am going to play that day is what games they have to offer or the amount of players actually playing online.

Blackjack Online

I like to play blackjack with a full table and not one on one with the dealer this does affect your odds against the dealer. Even 3-4 players I wouldn’t mind playing with because I know that more players will join later. Blackjack is one of those games that takes concentration to play because you need to know when to take the hit or not to. This game does have a lot of different strategies to the game due to the seating arrangements at the blackjack table. This can change your hand making you a winner or a looser within that hand. Blackjack is a thinking man’s game which lends to the many different strategies that can be applied to increase your odds of beating the house. I am one of these Blackjack players that really enjoys playing in the last seat because this seat is the most important seat on the blackjack table. This seat will make or break the entire blackjack table so I don’t recommend this seat to the novice player that could end busting the entire table. But on the other hand when playing online these are none of my worries seeing to the fact that it is always you vs. the dealer. As well while playing online I can take seats 1 through 8 and play all eight hands. So there is a lot of different ways that you can approach this great game called blackjack. One of the best free sites that I always visit is free blackjack games online I like this site because I feel that there casinos are very trustworthy and that they have great software to play on. Also I feel very safe playing in a risk free environment. The amount of casino choices is also another reason why I really enjoy this site.

Video Baccarat Online

Playing Baccarat is one of the casino games that stands out from all the rest for a lot of reasons. Usually, the baccarat pit is set aside from the main casino area, away from all the “common” games and “common” people… in the hope of luring the casino’s best customers-the high rollers or whales and the celebrity type. This casino game is a semi-mindless casino game to play that can be a very expensive game to play per say in a Las Vegas Casino or in Atlantic City Casino. The differences between playing baccarat in a casino vs. online casinos is the minimum bets that you have. Online casinos gives you the opportunity to change the snobbish style of this game and really sit down and learn how to play Baccarat at your own pace. Also the online experience vs. the regular casinos has another plus to it and that is the minimum bets. When you walk into any Las Vegas Casino, some of the minimum bets to play Baccarat are $20 to $50 dollar minimum bets which not a lot of us can afford per hand, I certainly cannot. However this is another great reason to get started playing Baccarat online. The minimum bets for online casinos are great to start with, these can be as low as $1.00 to $5.00 minimum bets which is more of what I can afford. This is a great way to get your feet wet and really start learning how to play this game without feeling out of place as if you were in a regular casino. This gives you a chance to become that experienced player that can now walk into a regular casino sit down and really know how to play this game with the big wigs. This really makes you feel like you can hang with the big boys. One of the casino sites that I visit quit often is the best baccarat games casino website. I highly recommend this site to get you started as they provide excellent casinos that specifically cater to Baccarat casino players.

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Video Keno Gaming Online

Video keno is one of the easiest casino games to play. There is not a whole lot to think about except what number you are going to pick. Are you going to pick your birthday numbers, your spouse’s birthday numbers or your most lucky numbers that have always worked for you. The Keno display board is the most important piece for playing this game. This electronic board is simply a configuration of numbers from 1 to 80, in eight rows of ten numbers each. These numbers are divided up into two groups, the top group and the bottom group. In addition to the display of 80 numbers, the board also indicates each individual game. Which is very important that you watch this because you need to check the board for which numbered game you bet on which is indicated by this individual number and this gives you the chance to check the numbers that you bet on. You are normally allowed to pick only numbers 1 through 20 numbers for each drawing with an “X” over the number you wish to play. Let’s say you only played six numbers and four numbers matched up then you can win a sizable amount. However if all six numbers matched up then you will win a huge amount which is what we are all looking for. After you have picked the amount of numbers you want to play, now you have to decide on how much you want to wager on these numbers. Typically $1.00 is the minimum bet in most casinos, however the online casinos you can actually make a smaller bet which makes it more attractive for players and less expensive to keep playing. The percentages against you usually increase as the number of spots increase. In addition, the more spots you mark, the higher the odds of winning large jackpots increase for you. The most popular keno play is called an eight spot. That means you are going to only play 8 numbers on your ticket. Others can be 4 – 6 or 8 spot tickets. One good place to play online is a casino site that comes highly recommended by a lot of players due to the amount of players that are always there checking it out and playing keno games is the Top Keno Casino site. This online casino site has a great selection of casinos that except any style keno player and they offer a great variety of keno games. I have never had a problem with this casino site which is quit convenient because I personally can be an impatient player that does not like to wait to play or have to many choices to make of which casino to start playing at.