This site is dedicated to providing consumers with information to help them choose what type of therapy to seek for themselves or for a family member. It provides a basic overview and comparison of the two primary umbrella categories of psychotherapy:
These are the two most prevalent types of therapy that have the most effectiveness data to support their use. Since these two approaches are dissimilar in style and based on different assumptions, you may be able to determine which one feels like a better fit by reading about them. Or you may decide that neither feels right and decide to seek an alternative. The ultimate test though is trying it out with an actual therapist with whom you feel you have a “good fit”.

Finding a “Good Fit”
Clinical research also indicates that the quality of relationship that a client establishes with a therapist is an important factor in the success of a psychotherapy treatment. So no matter what kind of therapy you choose, it is important that you feel a comfortable connection with your therapist and have confidence in his or her abilities.